The Facebook Status that Started it All

To my fellow lover of terrible, scary movies (I know there are several of you out there); to the boy or girl who watches a film and wonders how he or she can get that 1 hour and 20 minutes of life back (you already know it’s bad if it’s an hour+twenty); to those of you that love to hate these movies, I have a couple that are too great to not share: When a Killer Calls (2006), and The Haunting of Whaley House (2012).

Yes, When a Killer Calls has an almost identical plot to When a Stranger Calls; it even steals some famous lines and makes them its own. For example, “Have you checked the girl?” Because, you know, this one is an only child. But I promise you it is much, much worse.

And The Haunting of Whaley House is just that unforgettable, lovable type of film that couldn’t have been made with more than $20 and a crew of idiotic friends who couldn’t have possibly taken even the most basic of acting classes.

Both of these movies can be found on Netflix. Please enjoy.


About sheedzor2390

My parents let me watch just about whatever I wanted as a tot. Let me tell you, watching The Exorcist at 7-years-old will make you tough as nails. I believe I am better for it. One of my life goals is to be in a crappy, low-budge horror flick. The best time of year? Halloween, when all the best of the worst movies are played. My Netflix suggestions? Macabre. Romantic comedies? Kafkaesque. On the other hand, I do enjoy a good romantic tragedy.
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