DUDE, don’t leave me hangin’!


Munger Road (2011): A 1 hour 26 minute horror/mystery/thriller movie, with an IMDB rating of 4.4 and “No Reviews Yet” on Rotten Tomatoes? Well that just sounds like Ally’s little slice of heaven. And really, it was what it was. It was what I expected, and it was not bad. In fact, the rising action was incredible. I was literally holding my breath toward the end, staring wide-eyed at the screen. What’s going to happen?! Who, out of those who disappeared throughout the movie, is going to make it? Did anyone make it? Who is the killer?! Well, here’s the problem…

The movie’s end is one hell of a cliffhanger, AND… there is a Munger Road 2 in the works that is not out yet. I figured the second installment of a movie such as this would have already been out by now. No such luck. And I’m not incredibly sure where they even are in terms of the progress of the filming. I’m not saying I didn’t like the movie. I’m saying I liked it a little more than I thought I would, was craving some sort of resolution, and didn’t get one.


Now that that’s out of the way, a couple fun facts: Trevor Morgan is in Munger Road. In case that name doesn’t ring any bells, he’s the turd in Sixth Sense that thinks he’s better than all the other kids. He’s got a bad case of the “child actor syndrome.” Here’s what I have to say about that: If you’re going to get into acting, you best get into it later in life. Somehow, to me, child actors never seem to age well. They look the exact same as they did when they were 5, 6, 7, 8, or whatever-years-old…but just stretched out to a bigger size in order to pass as an adult. It’s like they’re fooling us into believing they’ve aged.


Another little fun fact is that the movie is set in St. Charles, IL. That might not seem like such a fun fact; but as someone who has been to St. Charles, I found that to be an incredibly random place to stage the movie. I hold St. Charles fondly in my heart, as I once drove through to go to a football game when I had a scorching case of mono. Now, I did not know that at the time; had I known I wouldn’t have gone and subjected people to catching it, or subjected myself to a possible football to the spleen. I assumed this random, western suburb of Illinois was picked because the director or someone who worked on the film was from the area; so I did my research and wouldn’t you know it! The director Nicholas Smith is from St. Charles–graduated from St. Charles North in ’03, got accepted into U of I’s engineering program, and ending up falling in love with directing. SO… he ended up going to Columbia College instead (My Alma Mater! Woo!!) where he would study film.

So although I was left in suspense, and may be in suspense for a while ’til the second one comes out, Munger Road was an enjoyable “teens staying up past curfew to get terrorized” movie. I’m going to keep my ear to the ground for info regarding the sequel… Look out for updates.


About sheedzor2390

My parents let me watch just about whatever I wanted as a tot. Let me tell you, watching The Exorcist at 7-years-old will make you tough as nails. I believe I am better for it. One of my life goals is to be in a crappy, low-budge horror flick. The best time of year? Halloween, when all the best of the worst movies are played. My Netflix suggestions? Macabre. Romantic comedies? Kafkaesque. On the other hand, I do enjoy a good romantic tragedy.
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